Home Barista Course

£55.00 2 hours

By the end of this training session you will be more confident with your equipment, how to setup correctly and how to spot problems and work to improve the quality of your brewing.

Course Times:  Saturdays & Sundays at 1pm – 3pm
Duration: 2 Hours



Serve cafe quality coffee to your friends at home with our Home Barista Course.

The espresso machine is now finding it’s way into our homes more than ever with so many high quality domestic machines available. This course is offered to those with a home espresso machine looking for some professional training to help get the best from their equipment. We have a range of home machines for you to practice on.

We start the course with a brief background on where coffee comes from and the differences in roasting and quality, therefore we can develop a good palette for taste. We then show you how on our professional espresso machines and get you comfortable with extracting espresso before moving onto our home espresso machines for lots of practice. We can also cover milk texturing here if your machine includes a milk feature.

This session allows you to ask plenty of questions and develop some great skills for the at home machine including maintaining the machine for longevity.

Key skills:

  • Coffee – Coffee varieties, harvesting and roasting.
  • Setup – The importance of the grind, how it effects the taste and how to adjust.
  • Technique – Correct techniques for dosing, tamping and shot timings.
  • Milk – Steaming milk to perfection with lots of microfoam.
  • Maintenance – How to correctly maintain and look after your machine.


Additional information

Max No. Persons

2 Persons


2 Hours

Course Times

Saturdays & Sundays at 13:00 – 15:00