Latte Art

£75.00 2 hours

Latte Art – Allowing you to improve your work with milk, developing microfoam techniques and start learning how to pour latte art.

Entry Requirements: It is helpful to have completed one of our barista courses. Or a comprehensive understanding of espresso extraction or experience working with espresso machines.

Thursday – 2:00pm – 4:00pm



Latte Art Course: Is designed for the barista who wants to take their milk skills to the next level.
You’re at a stage where you are improving microfoam skills, complementing your ability in producing consistent espresso.
On this course the focus is all about the milk, building on techniques in order to add that wow factor to your friends/customers without compromising quality of service or product.
This course is also suitable for the home barista wanting to achieve a little wow factor and learn how we do it as well!
We look into the different patterns of latte art, starting with the heart and moving through various patterns dependant on skills and tailor to suit.

Key skills:

* Milk – Steaming milk to perfection, troubleshooting – how to spot poorly steamed milk, knowing how to fix and when to start again. Knowing when your microfoam is perfect for pouring.
* Pouring – Velocity and direction of the pour, how to create a good canvas to pour art.
* Etching – How to take basic patterns further by etching with a pen.
* Art – Starting with patterns which are great for beginners improving their pouring technique. For example the Heart.
* Practice, practice and practice!


Please note our Terms & Conditions for all courses:

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We ask that you allow plenty of time for your journey to us and arrive 10mins before the course is due to start.
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