Level 1 Barista Course

£85.00 3 hours

The WCS Barista Basics – Our half-day training is aimed to introduce students to the fascinating world of professional barista work. This is the beginning of a fantastic journey!

  • Course Times: 10.00 – 13:00
  • Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Duration: 3 Hours


Level 1 Barista Course – Half Day Course Overview

Level 1 Barista Course – Our half-day training is meant to educate students to the world of professional barista work. Here begins the fantastic trip!

It takes more than preparing coffee to become a barista. Who proficient barista? The one who stands out from the crowd.The one who has a thorough understanding of coffee. WCS Barista Basics – Half Day will get you started on this path. Here you will be expanding your understanding of how coffee is cultivated, processed, picked, roasted, and brewed.

Don’t worry, once we’ve gone over the theory, you’ll learn how to grind, distribute, tamp, and extract espresso. The focus of our barista course will be on identifying areas for improvement and perfecting your extraction. You’ll know how to improve your cup if you can train your sight, nose, and taste to detect errors in the extraction.

Our skilled educators will teach you the fundamental skills and information required to work as a barista.

Key Skills:

  • Coffee origins– An overview of growing, harvesting, processing and roasting.
  • Workspace– How to set up a productive work environment, coffee storage, shelf life, and hygiene.
  • Grinding– An understanding of how grind size impacts coffee, as well as the basics of grinding, dosing, spreading, and tamping.
  • Coffee machine– A general overview of the coffee machine, as well as basic setup and daily routine checks
  • BrewingThe differences between the most popular espresso-based beverages, extracting espresso, learning about over- and under-extraction, the variations in flavour, look, and fragrance, and how to make modifications and strive for consistency.
  • Milk– – How to make microfoam out of milk texture. How to pour milk so that it blends properly with coffee.

Additional information

Max No. Persons

4 Persons


3 Hours

Course Times

Tuesday 10:00 – 13:00, Wednesday 10:00 – 13:00

Experience Required

New to the coffee industry or looking to work in the industry.