Gift Voucher – Home Barista £55


Our coffee course gift vouchers offer an enjoyable and memorable gift. Redeemable against all our coffee courses and valid for up to 12 months.
On confirmation of your voucher order we will post a voucher to you.



Winchester Coffee School – Coffee Course Gift Vouchers

Our coffee course gift vouchers make an enjoyable and memorable gift for anyone with a passion for coffee. Would you like to increase your knowledge of where coffee comes from? Or would you like to ensure that you can make the perfect coffee? These coffee school vouchers for our courses are perfect gifts, whether you are in the coffee industry or just a coffee enthusiast…they will make a great alternative  Birthday Gift, Christmas Present or just a cool workplace incentive.

At Winchester Coffee School we offer vouchers for the following :

  • Barista basics –  aiming to work in the coffee industry.
  • Home Barista – For the home machine, perfect coffee at home.
  • Latte art (Hands on perfecting those Tulips, Hearts and Rosettas)
  • Taster Roasting session
  • Brewing methods – An introduction to brewing coffee

These vouchers make a great staff incentive or reward for the budding Barista who would like to expand on their skills.

Vouchers can be purchased for a set amount to match up with one of our courses.

Please see our course options for further details.