Coffee Roasting | Masterclass

£585.00 2 days

Something beautiful happens when you roast a coffee bean, the small and humble green bean transforms into a majestic little bundle of flavour and aroma we all know and love!

Course Times: Wednesday – Thursday 10:00 – 16:00 – Running Every Month

Lunch – Bring a packed lunch or there will be time to nip out and grab something!

Duration: 2 Days



Coffee Roasting Masterclass Overview

Our coffee roasting masterclass has been developed for anyone looking to become a coffee roaster or hone their skills. It is an intensive two day course packed with all the technical knowledge and practical training you will need to start your own coffee roasting.

Our course not only focusses on the skills required to roast coffee, but encourages creative thinking to develop your own signature taste and soon your own brand of roasted coffee.

Your first morning will begin the evaluation of coffee beans, making decisions on roast profiles for the course. From here you will be learning about the chemical reactions taking place inside the bean during the roast, the technical expertise required and equipment used. Day Two will begin with cupping coffee beans, making notes on aroma and taste, and working towards roasting your own signature coffee.

Our Coffee Roasting Instructor

All our coffee roasting courses are taught by Winchester Coffee Roasters Master Roasters, Mark, Dave and Jemma who have over 11 years in the industry.  After completing his training in Australia with one of the most well regarded roasters, Peter Wolff and Roastmax, Mark moved back to the UK to setup Winchester Coffee Roasters. Since he began in 2012, his dedication to creating the perfect roast has seen his coffee sold throughout over 110 cafés in Hampshire and surrounding counties. (to date 1st September 2023)

A typical course will be as follow:

Day One

  • Our story, how we have gone from roasting at home to supplying over 110 business
  • Selecting Green coffee beans
  • Moisture Content of Green Coffee
  • Density Measurements
  • Roaster Operations
  • Temperature Control
  • Roasting Logs
  • Method of Heat transfer (conductive, radiation and convection)
  • Endothermic and Exothermic reaction
  • First Crack & Second Crack
  • Maillard Reaction
  • Roast density
  • Fire Risk and Safety Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Sample roasting on the Quest M3

Day Two

  • Cupping your results
  • Discussing and Evaluating Cupping Notes
  • Airflow Influence
  • Drum Speed Control
  • The effects on acidity, body and Aroma
  • Hands on Roasting your own Blends
  • A fully comprehensive list of all the equipment you will need to set up your own roastery.
  • Supplier list for all green beans, equipment and packaging.

This two day course will be conducted on a Quest M3 electric sample roaster and a Roastmax 15kg gas shop Roaster.

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Lunch – Either bring along a packed lunch or there will be plenty of time to nip out and grab something!

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Course Times

Wednesday – Thursday 10:00 – 16:30

Experience Required

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2 Days