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The wonderful world of Vouchers!

We al have that one special person who we want to buy a gift for and just a special treat but realise that they do not have a wish list and we are unsure as to what to buy them! We then turn to vouchers! Many vouchers are designed so the recipient can choose what they want however sometimes it is nice to be able to tailor that gift for a particular use. Coffee lovers, you are saved. Our vouchers are designed for a wide range of coffee courses whether you are buying for the budding professional or someone who simply just loves coffee! You are in good company here with us at Winchester coffee school.
gift vouchers

If you’re buying for a coffee lover (and let’s face it, all the best people love coffee), then what could be better than a gift voucher for Winchester Coffee School?  Our vouchers are designed around your recipient being able to book onto one of our amazing courses. A stash of our freshly roasted coffee beans? Voilà! Buy the taster roasting course so your special person can bring some home that they have roasted themselves.

gift vouchers

Our gift vouchers are available to buy now through our website or in person from us here at Winchester Coffee School. We’re open on Friday to Sunday from 8:30am until 3pm. Why not stop by, grab a cup of coffee and take some of the hassle out of gift buying this year.