Sage – The espresso machine for the home!

We get asked a lot why we only sell the Sage coffee machines for the at home user. So I thought I would share with you why we love Sage!

For those of us out there, we take our coffee seriously, however many of us will settle for non cafe quality coffee at home. Why? Mainly because we just don’t know how to make it or simply we lack the knowledge to know which equipment is best.

Last month Mark and I (Antonia, thats me!) were invited to BBC radio solent to explain why we love making coffee at home and how to get it right. Follow this link and listen to our a clip of our time with with Sasha Twinning.

We took one of our Sage machines with us, the duel boiler and proved that in 90 seconds you can create coffee that tastes just as good as many cafes, if not better!

We showcase and sell four of the Sage range that we think suits many of our customers from the ‘one a day’ drinkers to those who like a little bit of automation at home with their coffee making. Here they are:


Sage at Winchester Coffee School The Duo Temp:

This lovely little machine can fit into the smallest of kitchen spaces and is perfect for the espresso drinker or someone who just likes a cup of coffee a day. Being a single boiler machine it does mean that you cannot run coffee and milk at the same time, you have to wait for your coffee to finish before switching the boiler usage over for steam and hot water. £320

The Barista Express

If you like the convenience of having your grinder built into your coffee machine then this is the one for you, whether you are an espresso drinker or prefer the recipes based with milk. Again like the duo temp this is a single boiler machine and therefore you have to wait for your coffee to finish extracting before you can switch to milk use. The steam on this machine is also a little stronger and more powerful than the duo temp and can handle it if you like a couple of coffees a day. £550

Sage at Winchester Coffee School

The Duel Boiler

This super machine is perfect for those that really like to ensure that their coffee is just perfect and enjoy the whole experience and process of crafting your cup of coffee. With the duel boiler, this is a double boiler system which does mean you can extract coffee and steam milk at the same time which does save some time in the home environment. Matched with the Sage grinder the user will be able to perfect the art of espresso matched with a strong steam wand that means great texturing of the milk and even latte art can be achieved! This machine is certainly for those who want the most out of their coffee and enjoy a few cups a day (or more if you are like me)! The Coffee Connoisseurs choice! £1100

Sage at Winchester Coffee School

The Oracle

The Oracle is towards the top end of the Sage market and it is easy to see why. Again like the duel boiler it can extract coffee and steam milk at the same time but this machine is designed with a little more convenience in mind. With the grinder built in, you have the benefit of an automatic grind, dose and tamp function making it quick and easy for the user to get the espresso accurate. Equally with the steam you have the option of a manual or automatic function. If you need to grab a coffee on the go and multitask you can leave the milk steaming away on automatic setting whilst your busy doing something else and still pour a beautifully textured milk. There are lots more gadgets and extras that come with this super little machine.

Sage at Winchester Coffee SchoolThe Sage Grinder

With 60 unique settings, this programmable conical burr grinder maximizes the potential of any brew. Choose between ‘cups’ for French Press or Filter and ‘shots’ for Espresso to get the right dose for the coffee you’re brewing. Grind directly into a portafilter or an air-tight container. £180

There are lots of offers out there for the sage machines and we keep ourselves as competitive as possible. We provide coffee with your purchase or the choice to substitute this for a discounted rate of 20% off for the home barista class we hold on Saturdays at 12.30.

Now we know that these machines really are an investment for your kitchen and we do tell our clients that part of the benefit that we have noticed from having these machines in our own homes is simple. We find ourselves spending less on coffee outside the home and therefore reducing the cost of take out coffee. Still have some questions? No problem, pop into see us between a Friday and Sunday and come and have a demo with us.