Corporate Days – Team Building with Coffee

£285.00 6 hours

Our corporate team building and client entertainment days are both educational and team building but above all a lot of fun. Coffee at the office will never be the same again!

Price is based on a group of 10 people minimum. Please contact us for larger groups.


Our Corporate Days – team building with coffee is not just about coffee education! This is a very hands on course and everyone will have the opportunity to take part in roasting, brewing and of course tasting coffee! Don’t worry lunch and cakes will be provided to counter balance the day of unlimited coffee, tea and hot chocolate!

Our premises offers a relaxed environment packed full of cool coffee gadgets in an open and spacious workspace. So whether you are brewing a delicious coffee, relaxing on the sofa watching your colleagues or getting competitive with latte art, we have you covered.

We also focus on team building tasks, ensuring communication is the focus in our mock up cafe, working together as a team whilst having fun.

A typical day may include:

  • A warm welcome with a nice cup of coffee, fresh pastry and a quick chat about coffee and how it comes from growing on a tree to our cups.
  • Coffee roasting and designing your own coffee blend.
  • Cupping coffee and noting all the flavours using a flavour chart.
  • An introduction to the state of the art equipment you will be using.
  • Learning how to use the espresso machine including steaming milk.
  • Learning one alternative brewing method such as the Aeropress.
  • How to pour latte art.
  • Team building tasks in our mock up cafe, do you have what it takes to run a service?

Now you’ve completed your training, and for those with a competitive streak we offer:

  • Latté art competitions – who can pour the best rosetta!
  • Speed test – who can produce two professional standard flat whites the fastest!
  • Team challenge – Designing a new coffee beverage for the menu or solving a number of problems the tutor has set out!
  • The taste test – Who can pick out the poor quality coffee!