WCS Barista Basics – Half Day

£90.00 3 hours

Our barista basics course is our entry level and has been designed to introduce our students to the exciting world of being a professional barista. Your barista journey starts here!

Course Times: 10:00 – 13:00 Tuesday & SaturdayDuration: 3 Hours


Barista Course Overview

Our Barista Basics course has been designed to introduce our students to the exciting world of being a professional barista. A wonderful journey starts here!

Becoming a barista¬†is not simply about making coffee. A truly skilled barista who will stand out from their peers is one whom understands the product in it’s entirety. Our barista course will start you on this journey by developing your knowledge of how coffee is grown, processed, selected, roasted and brewed.

Don’t worry, once we have covered the theory it’s time to get hand’s on and begin learning practical techniques such as grinding, distributing, tamping and extracting espresso. Our barista course will focus on identifying areas to refine and how to perfect your extraction. If you can develop an eye, sense of smell and taste for flaws in the extraction, you will know how to perfect your cup!

Our experienced tutors will share with you the important foundation skills and knowledge needed to become a professional barista.

Key Skills:

  • Coffee origins – An overview of growing, harvesting, processing and roasting.
  • Workspace – How to setup an efficient workspace, coffee storage, life span and hygiene.
  • Grinding – An overview of how grind size affects your coffee, grinding basics, dosing, distributing and tamping.
  • Coffee machine – Overview of the coffee machine, basic setup and daily routine checks.
  • Brewing – The difference between the most popular espresso based drinks, extracting espresso, beginning to understand over / under extraction, the changes in taste, appearanceand smell, how to make adjustments and work towards consistency.
  • Milk – How to texture milk, creating microfoam. How to pour milk in order to incorporate with coffee correctly.
  • Maintenance – How to break down and clean your coffee machine to help keep it hygienic and well maintained.

Additional information

Max No. Persons

2 Persons


3 Hours

Course Times

Tuesday 10:00 – 13:00, Saturday 10:00 – 13:00

Experience Required

New to the coffee industry or looking to work in the industry.