Barista Course | Professional Level Two

From: £95.00 3 hours

This course builds on the basic techniques learnt at our foundation level and looks to expand upon them. You’ve got the coffee bug, now hone your skills to become the best.

Course Times: Tuesday  14:00 – 17:00 – Saturdays & Evenings available on request dependant on availability.
Duration: 3 Hours


Barista Course Overview

Our level two barista course builds upon the basic techniques learnt at our level one barista course and looks to expand upon them.

As with all our barista courses, the tutor will first cover some important theory with you. At level two you be learning more about the roasting process, different varieties of coffee, how to identify flavours/textures and the introduction of the science behind brewing coffee.

After your theory session is over, we now turn to practical training. On the level two barista course we will be looking to refine your dose, distribution and tamping technique. How to steam milk correctly and prepare multiple orders under a timed assessment will also be integral to your day.

Scales and brew ratios will be introduced to help us select and dial in a coffee recipe. We will be demonstrating the effect of different extractions of coffee and using our palettes to recognise defects, and most importantly how to improve the finished coffee.

Key Skills:

  • Coffee Beans – Single origin coffees, the different processing methods and the roasting process.
  • Grinding – Using grind settings for different brew methods including aeropress and french press. How to fine tune your grind settings and make adjustment. How to maintain, break down and clean your grinder.
  • Brewing – Introduction to brew ratios and how they can help improve consistency. Pulling the perfect shot and ristrettos.
  • Milk – Looking at the chemistry of milk, steaming to perfection with whole, skimmed and soya milk and the basic latte art pouring method and etching.
  • Barista workflow – Using different sized jugs, handling multiple orders and working efficiently.

Additional information

Max No. Persons

2 Persons


3 Hours

Course Times

Tuesday 14:00 – 17:00

Experience Required

Completion of our foundation course or have been working in the industry for approx. 6-12 months.