Getting to the Coffee Roasting Course from Scotland

While Winchester may not be on the doorstep of aspiring coffee roasters based in Scotland, our unique coffee roasting masterclass is a coffee roasting course which attracts new coffee roasters from all over the UK, and across Europe.

Winchester isn’t a million miles away from Scotland. To be precise, we’re around 420 miles from Glasgow & Edinburgh, 426 miles from Ayr, 427 miles from Paisley, 434 miles from Stirling, 454 miles from Glenrothes, 470 miles from Perth, 481 miles from St Andrews, 488 miles from Dundee, 520 miles from Port William, 550 miles from Aberdeen, 573 miles from Inverness, 643 miles from Skye & 706 miles from John o’ Groats.

By Car

Travelling to Winchester from Scotland by car is long, but fairly straightforward. Basically, drive south and stop before you end up in the sea.

From the highlands, it’s the A9 from John o’ Groats, through Inverness, Perth & Stirling. Then the M80 through Cumbernauld, briefly turning into the M73 towards Glasgow. Next, the A74 & A74M, through Gretna (quick marriage on the way?) before picking up the lovely M6 then the M6 Toll. Then onto the M42, M40, then the A34 past Oxford, Newbury, Whitchurch, and finally Winchester – where you can be sure there will be a lovely coffee waiting for you!

By Train

From Edinburgh, the quickest journey with the least number of changes (one) is Edinburgh to Wolverhampton, and then Wolverhampton to Winchester, about 6.5 hours.

Another good option in terms of being one of the quickest journeys with the least number of changes, is Edinburgh to Newcastle, Newcastle to Winchester.

There are various other options involving Edinburgh to London, but they’re all slightly more complicated, with more changes, most involving a tube ride.

It’s the same story from Glasgow, Wolverhampton or Newcastle are probably the best places to head to, with just one change.

By Air.

You could strap on a wingsuit and see how far you can get from the highlands? Failing that, Ryanair do some really well priced flights from Edinburgh to London Stansted, from about £45 return if you book at the right time. It’s only a 1 hour 25 min flight, which seems like a great alternative to rail or car.

From Glasgow you have a few more choices, KLM fly to and from London Heathrow, and Easyjet to and from Gatwick.

You’ll then need to get from London to Winchester, of course,  but this isn’t too much of a task, with train journeys from just under an hour, depending on where in London you’re starting.

Decided how you’ll get here from Scotland?

Great! Just click here to book yourself onto our coffee roasting masterclass, and let your coffee roasting future begin!