Coffee Consultations

Coffee Consultations

Tap into our Knowledge

We are available for Coffee consultations:


If you need some good solid advice, built on experience and success; we can help!

Enjoy our unique simplistic approach to Coffee Consulting, based on real-life, day to day results!

We can either come to you, or you can visit us here in Winchester. This way you can see for yourself what we do and how we can deliver!




What we are:


  • Passionate about coffee.
  • Experienced in coffee roasting, and cafe set ups, with a proven track record.
  • Independent
  • Open and honest:  We will show you how we made our business model successful and how you can adapt it to your business.
  • Keen to see you succeed, by being available for ongoing support.


What we are not:

  • Members of any coffee associations!
  • Not looking to take your hard earned money and sign you up for years to come!
  • We may not have all the answers, but we’ll lead you in the right direction!

What we know:

  • How to start up from scratch
  • How to set up a micro roastery
  • How to set up a Specialty coffee shop
  • How to set up a Coffee Van or Trailer
  • How to create a good working space and cafe layout
  • How to Budget and preserve cashflow
  • How to find and keep good staff
  • Will you make your business a success ?
  • Only you can answer that!
What we Charge:

£65 /hour (Minimum 2 hours) for a maximum of 2 people, plus travel cost and expenses if we come to you.

Please note: I use the term We, as We are a Ltd Company,

All private Consulting will be carried out by me Personally ( Mark Goulding the founder and Director at Winchester Coffee Roasters Ltd)




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Food for thought:

Human beings have been roasting coffee for over 400 years

The Europeans have been improving it for around 200 years

Drum roasting has been around for less than 100 years

Espresso machines have been around for less than 60 Years

Specialty coffee for approximately 20 years

The technology for roasting and making Espresso has advanced 10 fold in the past 8 to 10 years.

So with all the modern digital equipment and temperature stable drum roasters, espresso machines and grinders available on the market today, we can teach you to roast and serve amazing coffee.

Just saying 🙂