Professional Barista Diploma – 3 Days

£375.00 3 days

Designed for the budding barista who wishes to complete the diploma and have the ability to move into a senior barista role with a full understanding of the life of a barista and the industry.

Course Times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 – 16.30
Duration: 3 Days (Inc. 1 Hr Lunch)


This full diploma course combines all three levels of professional barista training, plus training in latte art and customer service giving you the ability to work as a senior barista with the confidence that you can Extract flawless coffee with flawless service.

This course is run over three days, booking this rather than the individual levels separately ensures that you have already received a 15% discount pricing this course at £375.

Day One:

This is the start of your wonderful journey into becoming a real coffee guru!

Level 1 – A comprehensive introduction into the life of a barista developing your knowledge of how coffee is grown, processed, selected, roasted and brewed. After this theory its time to get hands on and have some fun!

Key skills:

  • Coffee Origins – a brief overview of growing, harvesting, processing and roasting.
  • Workspace – developing an efficient workspace, health and hygiene rules, coffee storage and life span of the coffee.
  • Grinding – An overview of how grind size affects your coffee, covering the grinding basics including dosing and tamping.
  • Coffee Machine – Overview of the coffee machine, basic setup and daily routine checks.
  • Brewing – Focus on espresso extraction and beginning to understand and recognise over/under extraction with the changes in appearance, taste and developing your coffee palette, then making adjustments and working towards developing consistency.
  • Milk – An introduction to texturing milk and creating microfoam with basic pouring skills in order to incorporate the milk with the coffee correctly.


Break for Lunch

Level 2 – After lunch we go back to a little theory where we expand on the mornings information, learning more about the roasting process, different varieties of coffee, identifying flavours/textures and the science behind the brewing process. With the theory completed and moving back into practical work we focus on expanding and refining techniques in dosing, distribution and tamping then moving onto milk technique and picking up speed with multiple orders without compromising the quality of the product.

Key Skills:

  • Coffee Beans – Single origins coffees, the different processing methods and roasting process.
  • Grinding – Using grind settings and how to fine tune your personal grind setting. How to maintain, break down and clean your grinder.
  • Milk – Looking at the chemistry of milk, steaming to perfection with whole, skimmed and Non dairy milks.
  • Barista Workflow – Using different sized jugs, handling multiple orders and working with confidence.
  • Etching -Basic patterns further by etching with a pen

Day Two:

Level 3 – This is moving into the advanced areas designed for the barista to grow and refine their skills enabling them to produce the highest standard of coffee through a broad menu with consistency and confidence. This is the time to use the techniques that world class baristas use to set their coffee apart from the rest.

During this level three day we firstly cover some important theory work. Talking about roasting profiles, brew ratios, the science behind coffee extraction and the importance of water and milk chemistry and temperatures.

Once the theory is completed its onto observing some coffee roasting, cupping and then making espresso based drinks. The focus point will be refining all the required techniques and looking at evenness to improve flavour and extraction.

Key Skills:

  • Coffee – Looking into the roasting process and watching this process at work. How to identify coffee flavours using a coffee flavour chart and cupping technique.
  • Grinding – Advanced grinding techniques and how to dial-in to a specific recipe or alternative filter brewing equipment
  • Brewing – How to create a brew recipe using brew ratios, scales and timers. Using pre-infusion with espresso. How to brew coffee using filter methods such as Aeropress, pour over and chemex.
  • Milk – Steaming milk with confidence with both dairy and non dairy based milks. How to split milks between different jugs, multiple beverages and advanced latte art with etching using a latte art pen.
  • Quality Control – Using your palette to identify problems with extraction and using tools such as a TDS (total dissolved solids) tester to control and measure your coffee results.
  • Customer Service – Introduction to front of house service focusing on self presentation and awareness of the customer. What does the customer want, what does the customer need.

Day Three:

Morning: Latte Art – With the barista skills and techniques refund and confidence for consistency growing this days total focus is lots of practice! Taking your latte art to the next level producing art with every pour.

Afternoon: Customer Service Levels – Developing a consistent work flow with orders coming in on demand and how to give great coffee matched with great customer service whether this is purely front of house to table service.

Key Skills:

  • Pouring – Velocity and direction of the pour, how to create a good canvas to pour art
  • Art of free pour – creating the heart or the leaf with your pouring skills
  • Front of house – meeting and greeting customers correctly making sure a customer is never left unnoticed
  • Table service – serving the correct way
  • Body language and attitude – what you feel the customer feels
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • How to deal with complex customers – using a little role playing technique which is great for baristas who tend to lack in confidence when dealing with people.
  • Lots of practice then we will present you with your Diploma Certificate 🙂

Additional information

Max No. Persons

4 Persons


6 Hours (1Hr Lunch)

Course Times

Friday 10:00 – 17:00

Experience Required

Completion of our intermediate course

More Info

Lunch provided