Brewing Methods Course

£185.00 6 hours

This course is designed to go beyond the everyday barista skills with espresso by utilizing alternative brewing methods. This course takes you on a journey of investigation with the various forms of brewing coffee from Chemex, Syphon, V60 and more. Expand your brew skills and understanding of how coffee works under different mediums.

Course Times: Friday  – 10:00am- 04:00pm
Duration: 6 Hours



Course Layout:
Introduction to coffee:
– awareness of coffee origins and processes from farm to drink
– Understanding characteristics and flavours with coffee and the roasting process
Brewing Guidelines:
– Understanding Extraction
– Water to coffee ratios
– Grind Size
– Brew time
– Water Temperature
– Brew Turbulence
Understanding Water Quality & Different filtering materials Equipment:
– Chemex
– V60
– Syphon
– Aeropress
– Percolation
– French Press Roast Level vs Cup
– Looking at the changes in the roasting process and the impacts on coffee brewing extraction Grind Size vs Cup Taste
– Looking at the effects that grind size has on extraction
– Acidity Changes during coffee storage
– Changes in Coffee PH during extraction
– Lipids transfer by grind size
– Chlorogenic and Quinic Acids
– Water Hardness and the impacts
– Holding and Serving, understanding the breakdown in aroma and taste over time